2020-07-04 Journal

July 04, 2020 00:00 | Categories:

Happy 4th of July to my other Americans out there!

It was beautiful (and hot) day today.

I took some shots in the morning and then once the family came out I did a bunch of shooitng with my Ninja V hooked up to test recording.

I'll probably upload some video snippets once I get the originals processed and some small clips pulled out.



2020-07-03 Journal

July 03, 2020 23:40 | Categories:

Sunny and Hot out there today, but really nice this evening.

I took a few shots after dinner and then spent some time out after the sun went down playing with live composite and such.

I really like some of the stuff I caught today.

The moon shots were tough.  How do you shoot something that's too bright to focus on?  hmm.


2020-07-02 Journal

July 02, 2020 19:19 | Categories:

Hot and mostly sunny today.  Took a few pics around the house and on the way home.


2020-06-29 Journal

June 29, 2020 18:35 | Categories:

Mostly sunny out there today.

I got out to take a few pics around the house after dinner.


2020-06-27 Journal

June 27, 2020 17:38 | Categories:

Hooray for Saturday!

Mostly cloudy with some more rain today.

I got some neat pictures though.


2020-06-26 Journal

June 26, 2020 00:00 | Categories:

Another mostly cloudy day.

This deer was wandering around when I got home.


2020-06-25 Journal

June 25, 2020 00:00 | Categories:

We had a crazy flash storm this evening.

It started out as heavy rain and then some hail mixed in!


2020-06-24 Journal

June 24, 2020 20:24 | Categories:

I got my polarizer today.

I'm still not sure the exact method for using it properly - I didn't notice any obvious changes while rotating it when looking through the camera, but I think my test pictures came out nice!


2020-06-24 Journal - Atomos Ninja V testing with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

June 24, 2020 17:13 | Categories:

My HDMI cable finally got here, so I've done some testing with the Ninja V on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III.

Here's an overview of the tests I performed and how the camera and recorder behaved together, along with some basic stats.


2020-06-20 Journal

June 21, 2020 00:29 | Categories:

It was clear in the morning then cloudy most of the afternoon, with the clouds clearing in the evening.

I got some neat pics during the day and then worked with the stars at night.

I didn't have any luck with Starry Sky Autofocus, but that could be due to settings or my lens or me just not aiming well.

I had some good results with Live Composite though!