2020-09-17 Journal [news]

September 17, 2020 00:00 Categories:



2020-09-14 Journal [news]

September 14, 2020 00:00 Categories:

A shot of the moon and a star or something and a few shots of cool clouds.


2020-09-12 Journal [news]

September 12, 2020 00:00 Categories:

Today was the first real test of my new lens - the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5-6.3 IS, with the Olympus MC-20 2.0x teleconverter.

I took a huge amount of photos, and whittled it down to a reasonable set to process.

I'll post a few of my favorites here in the journal, see the gallery for more!


2020-09-05 Journal [news]

September 05, 2020 00:00 Categories:

More clouds!  (can you tell I like clouds?)


2020-09-04 Journal [news]

September 04, 2020 00:00 Categories:

Daytime Moon shot.

I had fun messing with processing on this to get an interesting picture.

It was a bit challenging since the moon was so bright.


2020-09-02 Journal [news]

September 02, 2020 00:00 Categories:

More clouds!


2020-08-29 Journal [news]

August 29, 2020 00:00 Categories:

Another cloudy day.  Got some neat pictures.


2020-08-24 Journal [news]

August 24, 2020 00:00 Categories:

Just some pretty clouds and the sun.


2020-08-22 Journal [news]

August 23, 2020 14:58 Categories:

Nature and stars.

Went out with mom for a bit and got some cool nature shots.

Got lots of fun star/milky way shots.  I've been working on finding settings that work for my lens and area to get decent star shots.


2020-08-21 Journal [news]

August 23, 2020 14:57 Categories:

Even more stars!